Woodie Foodie.

We are huge (yuuuge) fans of Melissa & Doug. They make the best wooden toys - including these super rad foodie sets. Wooden pizza anyone?


Little Bedfellows.

I was down at our local little paperie card shop with my Mom & Z this afternoon and came across these rad little Thomas Paul Antique Toy collection pillows. They're super soft and adorable, and the backs have the best vintage inspired fabrics / patterns. I am not a cat fan but I particularly dig little miss disgruntled kitty. So cute.


Jeggings for the Little Ones.

I have to share my excitement about Zeph's new girl jeans. Seriously. Every couple months as he grows exponentially I find myself packing away his little clothes and having to do a sweep online of all the good shops for some new stuff to pack his closet. Of course as parents we are always looking for comfort, ease and a good deal on the staples. SO - please go here and buy these little stretchy skinny jeggings right now. They are on sale for $10, come in a dark blue rinse and a faded black, and they're super easy for the babes to wear. I've bought Z jeans in the past but they're so stiff and uncomfortable that I never actually make him wear them. THESE, my friends, are so cute and also super comf. I can't believe I'm writing this many words about an item from Old Navy. But these mothers are straight up great. (They're in the girls' section, but they're totally unisex... if your boy is secure in his manhood). That's Z above in action in the blue rinse.


Climb Into Bed.

Kids might give up candy and tv to get to climb around on and sleep in this thing. The Treehouse Bed (and supercutie accoutrements) are brought to you by Cyprus-based, high-concept, A-mazing kids' furniture company Lifetime Kids Rooms. All of their wood furniture is made of sustainable pine from northern Scandinavia, which grows slowly in difficult climatic conditions. Long story short, this creates a strong wood that is best suited for making superstrong kids' furniture. Their wood is not treated with acids or anything freaky that might cause little Johnny to grow a 3rd arm when he's 24. The Treehouse Bed isn't only well-made and insanely cool, it also has such things as a slanted ladder for entry and a rope swing for pete's sake. Well played, Cyprus. Well played.


Dude, That's Swede.

Along with my heart throb crush on the Japanese, I also have a serious love for the Swedes. Camilla Engman, Swedish artist and dog lover, makes really nice things. Her illustrations and paintings have been used by the likes of Converse and The New York Times, but she also continues to do amazing little limited edition things like her book about her dog Morran and hand printed & embroidered tea towels. Her style is sweet and innocent. But at a closer look, her characters tend to have a depth, a drop of melancholy that adds to the emotive draw of her work. Honestly, I just like her. She's good.


...And I Like to do Draaawrings.

J.otto Seibold

Brian Biggs

Marc Boutavant

Sara Fanelli
There's a new world of children's book illustration in which animals and creatures and things look awesome, and the colors are fresh and unexpected. I like this world. Martin Salisbury explores this in his lovely book Playpen. While it ranges in handwriting, there's a richness and a throwback quality about each of the featured artist's work that brings a new vibrance and life to the written word in a very avant garde, very cool way. In Playpen are such BYGM faves as Marc Boutavant, Sara Fanelli, Brian Biggs and J.otto Seibold.


Let's Play House.

 A Barbie Mansion this is not. You won't find a shred of pink plastic here, my friends. Modern Playhouse makes super simple, sustainable, well-built spaces for the kiddos that inspire creativity and imagination. Their color palettes are taken from nature and the supertasteful/superdesigny house accessories & textiles are drooly-cute.


Eat Me.

Zephyr, awesomely, is a Foodie (with a capital F). There is not a single thing I've fed him over the course of his 4 month solid culinary love affair that he has turned his nose at (and we've fed him some things.) For this I am extremely grateful. We love good food and cooking in our house, and I love cooking for him and watching him discover new flavors and textures. These books were both gifts to us when I was prego, and now that they're becoming super relevant to us, I wanted to give them a little BYGM shout. Both Gastrokid and FTWF have great educational points, and superdelicioso recipes for all. Dig in.