Jeggings for the Little Ones.

I have to share my excitement about Zeph's new girl jeans. Seriously. Every couple months as he grows exponentially I find myself packing away his little clothes and having to do a sweep online of all the good shops for some new stuff to pack his closet. Of course as parents we are always looking for comfort, ease and a good deal on the staples. SO - please go here and buy these little stretchy skinny jeggings right now. They are on sale for $10, come in a dark blue rinse and a faded black, and they're super easy for the babes to wear. I've bought Z jeans in the past but they're so stiff and uncomfortable that I never actually make him wear them. THESE, my friends, are so cute and also super comf. I can't believe I'm writing this many words about an item from Old Navy. But these mothers are straight up great. (They're in the girls' section, but they're totally unisex... if your boy is secure in his manhood). That's Z above in action in the blue rinse.

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