Capture the Flag.

These look like a birthday party for your neck. Kind of a fun thing to give to the mini-fashionista in your life. Scout Holiday makes these beauties from salvaged leather and hand paints each little perfect piece. Thumbs up.

The Sun Always Shines.

This morning in the coffee shop, I was in line with Zeph waiting for my decaf Americano. A man was standing next to us... new grandfather, wearing a yellow sweater. He was smiling at Z, who was staring at him for several minutes without blinking. The man said, "I think babies like yellow ... you know, the first thing they draw when they get their hands on crayons is the sun?" Being a heliotrope myself, I thought that was just about the sweetest thing I'd heard all week. Here's to a bright, brilliant, beautiful Thursday.

I Like You.

I like this book. I gave it to my Hus a bunch of years ago, and just read it to my son this morning. The voice is part Holden Caulfield, part Charlie Brown... childlike and innocent, imaginative, witty, snappy and classic. Give this to your special I-Like-You. It's just one of those amazing little books you have to have in your arsenal.


Elemental Art Show.

Five Artists: Aaron Piland, Ayumi Piland, Betsy Walton, Yellena James and Jill Bliss = 53 whimsical, playful, naturiffic pieces that look like they were art directed by the unrivaled fascination and imagination of a 5 year old. Beautiful.

Welcome Wagon No.1

I was a rainbow of stoked when I came across Laurel Broughton's site, Welcome Los Angeles, and her ingenious little carryall on wheels. Heavy duty mason's bag. Leather detailing. Limited edition. Ordering now. Thank you.



Mother Trucker.

Urban Baby


My boy Zeph
Trucker hats and babies go together like peas&carrots. Beer&pizza. Renee&Jeremy. These are a couple I likey.



Every little thing is gonna be alright.

Oh Marley family, how I love thee. We got this album as a gift when Z was born and have consequently put all the songs to memory. SUCH a good little funtime collection for the kiddos and the grownups.

Go shorty, it's your birthday.

I've been kind of hot on Rifle Paper Co as of late. But I can't help it. Their stuff is so good. This little set puts the Happy in Birthday, with a simply illustrated little cherry on top.


Better Days.

A good reminder for days of rain, tears and runny noses. (print set: Anna Bond / Rifle Paper Co.)

My heart splits its time between A and Z.

ABC chest of drawers by Kent and London 
Are you kidding me with this? Can I please have 80 of them? These brilliant blokes hand carve and build them with their nimble English fingers. It's so gorgeous I want to tear my heart out and put it in every single drawer.

Rule #438. Keep a picture of your first fish, your first car and your first girlfriend.

Buy me now.
Everyone who considers themselves a boy or a man should own this book and put Walker Lamond's simple, witty, straightshooter wisdom to practice and this world would be better.