So Zeph and I have been sick for a couple days (read: up. all. night.) and I'd be lying if I said I felt particularly inspired to post anything while feeling this way. However, I stumbled upon this RIDICULOUS French brand, Talc, and suddenly feel all better. Talc is the French's way of saying "Hello Americans. We are better at clothes than you. Please accept your defeat and focus on making hot dogs."  Touché. Their collections and styling (for kids, mind you) are far superior to just about everything in my wardrobe.
(Above are images from Talc's F/W 2010 collection. But I highly recommend perusing the various seasonal archives and the preview for the new SP/SU 2011 line as well. Truly, truly inspirational.)


Thankful Every Day (but especially today).

Happiest Thanksgiving, friends. Without gratitude and love we are nothing. Here's to a life of appreciation and to eating and drinking around the same table with the ones we love. And Happy first Thanksgiving, Zeph. For you I would move mountains. Ever thankful. (prints: Keep Calm Gallery)


Til the Break of Dawn.

Can you say right up my alley? Just came across these prints from Paper Jam Press and had to pinch myself. We will be framing a few of these for Zeph's room immediately.


I Like Binth, ok?

I'm not trying to milk Binth for posts (see previous post), I swear. I just really like their stuff and thought you might too. Above is just a random assortment of some of their great prints and cards. Beauty.


Final-ly. I've been on the hunt for a good baby book for like 9 months, and here we are. Thank you, Binth, for not making an overly designed, lame option. (And thank you, Tante Fonty for leading me to it.) This is sweet, simple and has all the right little categories - with room for your interpretation. Plus it comes in a substantial box that makes it feel like the special keepsake that it is. PLUS you've got two different, non-cliché colors to choose from (chocolate brown or grass green). 


Eight is Great (or: Happy 8 Month Birthday Sonnyboy).

Just a little what's up to my most favorite eight month old ever. I love you buddy, more than you can imagine. 


Favorite Flora.

I jumped on the succulent band wagon years ago and will never jump off. They are my favorite flora and here is why... they love the sun, they are delicate and hearty all at once, they are innocent, they are strong, they are resilient. When a piece of them gets broken, they grow a new piece. They survive through myriad circumstances and climates. There are so many different variations, it's dizzying. Plant all different kinds in one pot or terrarium and they create a vibrant, dynamic, lovely way to co-exist and flourish. Quite a beautiful expression of life, I think. And a terrific thing to send to new parents in celebration of a new, delicate, vibrant, hearty life. Flowers die after a week. Succulents live on... and they're bad ass.  (photos courtesy of 2 amazing LA based succulent designers/dealers: Living Arrangements LA and Succulent Love)