¡Hasta Pronto, Eh!

The fam is off to Mex for some serious vacationing - secluded-style. I'll be back online with a whole slew of freshness at the end of the month. ¡Hasta pronto, Amigos! x

Mister Freedom x JCrew Kids.

I have a grand respect for whoever at JCrew made this collab happen. Mister Freedom (Chirstophe Loiron) crafts and sells his wares (original and vintage) in an unassuming white brick building on Beverly Boulevard in LA. He's become something of an icon in the apparel industry and rightly so. His techniques and pieces are uniquely and wonderfully his own, and his eye for vintage is one to be coveted. JCrew upped their ante by letting Christophe have his way with not only their adult collection, but the kids' line too. Amazing.

Stripes Stripes Stripes, I Love Stripes.

Mister Freedom x JCrew Crewcuts

Entertaining Elephants


Just a little Saturday homage to my favorite contrasty duo. Fat, skinny, variegated... you - my dear stripes - look good no matter what. I heart you.


Crib Geometry.

Meet Carson Too - Interior Designer and textile fetishist - creating yummy quilts with traditional quality and a modern sensibility. BYGM has nothing but love for these bold graphic statements and saturated color palettes.


Super Epic Rainbow Cake.

Ok. This might be the best edible thing I've ever seen. Whisk Kid gives you the whole how-to right here, along with a time lapse vid of the making of one of these happiness stacks.


Modern Logic

Nostalgic Treasures

Retro Daisy

Sky Parlor
Just picked up a vintage tiny industrial school desk for Zephyr's room. I envision him sitting contentedly as he thoughtfully crafts an amazing drawing or solves a difficult math problem... or rams it with his dump trucks and uses it as a fort. (Desks via Etsy).


Oh Rica You So Fine.

Vintage French finds? No no. Just another amazing Japanese artist who does vintage French better than vintage French. Books, textiles, album covers and on & on. Check out Rica Takada's gorgeous, simple, whimsical work at her home site Weekend Stroll (be sure to brush up on your ability to read Japanese!), or here.


Yes Please.

I have a thing for nesting dolls. I have an extra-extra thing for these ones. F-ing amazing animal family nesters designed by Ingela Arrhenius for OMM Design / Swedishness. 

Swedish Feet.

Pia Wallen


Heart of Lovikka

Just a few irresistible pieces for tiny tootsies from the damn crafty Swedes.


Sophisticated Wooden Distraction Mechanisms.

We could use one of these above Zeph's changing table right about now. It's like bathing a cat trying to change his diaper with the acrobatics he pulls these days. Petit Collage intricately carves and delicately hangs each of these perfectly balanced creatures by hand. Find them at the beloved Branch Home shop.