Favorite Flora.

I jumped on the succulent band wagon years ago and will never jump off. They are my favorite flora and here is why... they love the sun, they are delicate and hearty all at once, they are innocent, they are strong, they are resilient. When a piece of them gets broken, they grow a new piece. They survive through myriad circumstances and climates. There are so many different variations, it's dizzying. Plant all different kinds in one pot or terrarium and they create a vibrant, dynamic, lovely way to co-exist and flourish. Quite a beautiful expression of life, I think. And a terrific thing to send to new parents in celebration of a new, delicate, vibrant, hearty life. Flowers die after a week. Succulents live on... and they're bad ass.  (photos courtesy of 2 amazing LA based succulent designers/dealers: Living Arrangements LA and Succulent Love)

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